CABINET 2021-2025

H.E Dr. Nangolo Mbumba is the President of the Republic of Namibia. He was sworn-in on Sunday, 04th February 2024. He succeeded, H.E Dr. Hage G Geingob, the third President of the Republic of Namibia. The Executive Power of the Republic of Namibia shall vest in the President and the Cabinet. Cabinet description


The Cabinet of the Republic of Namibia has granted authorization to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security to introduce an entry visa requirement to countries that have not reciprocated the favourable treatment granted to their nationals when visiting Namibia. This strategic decision, aimed at fostering fair and balanced diplomatic relations, will affect a total of 31 countries. Read more at : MEDIA RELEASE VISA REQUIREMENTS FOR NON-RECIPROCATING COUNTRIES

Tribute to the late President Hage Gottfried Geingob

A beautiful and very touching Ceremony indeed took place today 25th February 2024 in Windhoek, Namibia for the late President HE Dr. Hage Gottfried Geingob’s Funeral. Hage Gottfried Geingob …the one who arrived ( Hage) the God’s Friend ( Gottfried) fulfilled his mission on earth serving his country and his fellow Namibians without distinctions. Yet keeps being the Light to Namibia, to Africa and to the Men and Women of Peace, Justice and Solidarity around the World. 

On his death he truly United his people, spreading his unique brotherly Love, calling for forgiveness and inclusivity, and to look at the future with Hope, inspiring Namibians keeping on building a strong Nation with Harmony and Happiness.

As HE used to say, Inclusivity spell Unity, Liberty, Justice and Harmony…Exclusivity spell conflict….. 

As pronounced by the former First Lady Madam Monika Geingos in her very moving speech “ Hage was a old soul with a youthful spirit “….” he was a leader not a follower”!

Proud to be part of the History of this fantastic country!

Proud to be once invited to become the Honorary Consul of Namibia to Portugal!

Long life to Namibia with so strong foundations!


Honorary Consul of Namibia | Lisbon – Portugal   

Honorary Consul Rogério TAVARES meeting his H.E.. President Hage G. Geingob in Paris at the Embassy of Namibia (also in the photo, Peter Johansen, Honorary Consul to Italy).


The official memorial service of the late President took place on Saturday, 24 February 2024, at the Independence Stadium in Windhoek, where the Chief Mourner, H.E. Dr Nangolo Mbumba, President of the Republic of Namibia and other international guests pay their tribute to the late President for his contribution during the liberation struggle and an independent Namibia. The official burial of the late President will be held at the Heroes Acre on Sunday 25.

Announcement of the Passing of H.E Dr Hage G. Geingob, President of the Republic of Namibia, 04 February 2024

Dr. Hage G. Geingob on his last visit to Portugal, welcomed by Honorary Consul Rogério Tavares

Fellow Namibians,

It is with utmost sadness and regret that I inform you that our beloved Dr. Hage G. Geingob, the President of the Republic of Namibia has passed on today, Sunday 4 February 2024 at around 00h04 at Lady Pohamba Hospital where he was receiving medical treatment from his medical team. At his side, was his dear wife Madame Monica Geingos and his children.

His medical team, as I informed the nation only yesterday has been trying its utmost best to ensure that our President recovers. Regrettably,notwithstanding the team’s spirited effort to save his life, sadly, fellow Namibians, President Geingob passed on.

Fellow Namibians,

The Namibian nation has lost a distinguished servant of the people, a liberation struggle icon, the chief architect of our constitution and the pillar of the Namibian house. At this moment of deepest sorrow, I appeal to the nation to remain calm and collected while the Government attends to all necessary state arrangements, preparations and other protocols. Further announcements in this regard will be made.

While keeping the President’s bereaved family, and you, dear fellow Namibians, in our thoughts and prayers, Cabinet will convene with immediate effect in order to make the necessary state arrangements in this regard.

May the Soul of our beloved Dr Hage G. Geingob Rest in Eternal Peace.



Namibia commemorate SADC Liberation Day 23 March 2022

Namibia joins the rest of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to commemorate SADC Liberation Day, on 23 March 2022, in honour of the sons and daughters who sacrificed their lives and paid the ultimate price in the struggle for the political liberation and economic freedom of the Region.

Since 2019, SADC has commemorated March 23 as the day that marked the end of one of the fiercest conventional battles at Cuito Cuanavale in southern Angola, where forces of the apartheid regime in South Africa were defeated, leading to the independence of Namibia and the creation of a non-racial democratic South Africa as well as the consolidation of the independence and sovereignty of Angola.

Thus, it brought to an end, the senseless destruction of economic infrastructure and bloodshed in Southern Africa.

The new chapter of peace and stability was opened, enabling the region to pursue the path of regional integration rather than confrontation. Hence, in commemorating March 23, Liberation Day, we honour the brave sons and daughters of the region and their fellow internationalist fighters who made supreme sacrifice in lighting the flame of freedom and whose blood watered the tree bearing the fruits we enjoy today.

Likewise, we salute the visionary founders of SADC whose foresight of Southern Africa moving towards political liberation has been translated into reality and it is now up to us and future generations to move it forward through the SADC Vision 2050 and the SADC Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan (RISDP) 2020-2030; guiding the strategic direction of the Region.

Merry Xmas

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, a season of giving, care, compassion and love. Respect the Covid-19 regulations, wear your mask, practice social distancing and most important, #getvaccinated. Drive safely to your respective destinations, arrive alive.

Dr Hage G. Geingob (@hagegeingob) ‘s Tweet