Germany returning Stone Cross artifact to Namibia

Berlin museum said it is returning the Stone Cross of Cape Cross, a key cultural artifact, to Namibia. The cross, placed on Namibia’s coast by Portuguese explorers in 1486, is a symbol of the country’s colonial past.

The German Historical Museum in Berlin announced that it is returning to Namibia a 15th century artifact known as the Stone Cross of Cape Cross. The country has called for the object’s return since June 2017.

The artifact was originally erected by explorer Diogo Cao in 1486 on the coastline of present-day Namibia to signify Portuguese territorial claims, as well as serve as a navigational marker.  The 1.1 ton, 3.5-meter (11-foot) Stone Cross is emblazoned with the Portuguese coat of arms as well as inscriptions in Portuguese and Latin. Its presence, alongside other such crosses, was so significant as maps at the time. The crosse also gave the coast’s present-day name: Cape Cross.

The restitution planned for August, is a “clear signal that we want words to be followed by deeds.” said Monika Grütters, Germany’s State Secretary for Culture and Media.

Horasis Global Meeting

Dr Hage G. Geingob, President of the Republic of Namibia intervention at the Horasis Global Meeting in Estoril.

We are facing a world that is increasingly complex and treacherous – and ultimately out of balance. As technology and globalization transform our world, what models of governance and collaboration are needed to support an equitable future? How to develop a global order that will ensure peace and allow countries to play by the rules? And how to stay true to our core values as we work to build a more focused life for ourselves and our societies?

Ohorongo to get clean energy from new 5MW solar power plant

WINDHOEKOhorongo Cement inaugurated a 5MW PV Solar Plant in September in the Otjozondjupa Region which Minister of Mines and Energy, Tom Alweendo “a significant milestone in private sector participation”, and encouraged other investors and developers to follow the example set by the project.  Alweendo said the solar project is an excellent example of how the private sector is making a significant contribution to energy security, economic growth and development and environmental sustainability.

The solar plant, which will supply the Ohorongo Cement factory with clean and affordable energy, was spearheaded by Ohorongo Cement and developed by SunEQ Four and the Hungileni Investment Group.

“This project represents a classic win-win situation for all involved – the environmental impact from the PV plant is minimal, the plant will employ additional personnel to maintain it, the Ohorongo Cement Company gets clean energy at a competitive rate, the IPP, SunEQ Four and Hungileni Investment group secured an off-taker, and given that the plant is not connected to the grid, the impact of intermittency on the grid is avoided,” said Alweendo.



Speech of the PS of the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation, at the handing over of the SADC Standing Committee of Senior Officials Chairpersonship by the Current Chair from Republic of SouthAfrica, to the incoming Chairperson, Ambassador Selma Ashipala- Musavyi, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation in the Republic of Namibia.


Delegation of Namibia visited the port of Leixões

Possible partnerships between the Port Authority of Douro, Leixões and Viana do Castelo (APDL) and the Namibian port infrastructure were discussed during a visit by a delegation from Namibia to the port of Leixões. The APDL considered the visit as “of great interest, not only because of the involvement and relations we have with the ports of the African continent, but also because of the development that Namibia has been experiencing at port activity level.”

The meeting was attended by the Namibian Ambassador to Portugal, members of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Development of SMEs in Namibia and about 30 port representatives and logisticians in Namibia, among other individuals.



The AIP Foundation, in partnership with the Embassy of Namibia in France, will organize on 29 June 2018 the seminar Trade, investment and partnerships to strengthen relations between Portugal and Namibia.

The Seminar will be attended by speakers who will present the Namibian Market, its economy and existing business opportunities. It will also allow you to get to know the experience of Portuguese Companies already present in this Country, as well as develop your networking network.

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A Fundação AIP, em parceria com a Embaixada da Namíbia em França, organiza no próximo dia 29 de Junho 2018 o seminário Comércio, investimento e parcerias para potenciar as relações entre Portugal e a Namíbia.

O Seminário contará com a presença de oradores que irão apresentar o Mercado da Namíbia, a sua economia e as oportunidades de negócio existentes. Permitirá igualmente ficar a conhecer a experiência de Empresas Portuguesas já presentes neste País, bem como desenvolver a sua rede de networking.

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Namibia: Africa’s Premier Mining Jurisdiction

Namibia offers the right environment for investment opportunities in the mining space. Its mineral wealth is as vast as its desert landscape and South Atlantic coastline.

Namibia’s mineral wealth is as vast as its desert landscape and South Atlantic coastline.

Responsible for nearly 6 percent of global uranium output as well as nearly 2 percent of the world’s diamond production, the Southern African nation is also home to significant resources of gold, copper and zinc as well as a developing offshore oil and gas industry.

Namibia consistently ranks as one of the most favored mining jurisdictions on the continent — a distinction that is much more than a mere reflection of its natural endowments, but a significant indicator of the country’s stable democracy, strong economy and well-developed mining code.

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