Expression of interest (EOI) – Trans-Kalahari Railway Line Link in Namibia.

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Expression of interest for funding the feasibility and development of the proposed Trans Kalahari Railway Line. The EOI invite potential investors to participate in the design, construction, financing, operation, maintenance and transfer of the project to the Member States. The EOI document can be downloaded at the website and enquiries may be directed to the email:

The closing date for the EOI is on the 8th of November 2023 at 10h00 Namibian local time.

The Governments of the Republic of Namibia and the Republic of Botswana entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to facilitate the development of the Trans-Kalahari Railway Line Link in Namibia. In 2014 the two governments signed a Bilateral Agreement on the development of the approximately 1500km railway line, with its associated coal storage, conveying, loading and other ancillary facilities, as well as to unlock other economic enablers en-route or at the terminals.

Namibian Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources in Portugal

Namibian Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Honourable Derek Klazen was present on the 6th of October at the II #SBEIF2023 – Sustainable Blue Economy Investment Forum in Lisbon. During his stay the Minister and his Executive Director and other member of staff was received as well as Ambassador Albertus Aochamub by the Portuguese Minister Maria do Céu Antunes e a Secretary of Estate Teresa Coelho

A meeting in which bilateral and multilateral #cooperation in the fields of fishing, aquaculture and the implementation of policies that guarantee the #sustainability of resources, the sharing of knowledge and technology and strategies to combat illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing(INN). #economiaemar #xxiiigoverno #pescas🐟

Honorary Consul Rogério Tavares assisted Honorable Derek James Klazen during his visit and exchanged views about Namibia – Portugal cooperation projects on fisheries and marine resources for future actions.

A meeting in which bilateral and multilateral #cooperation in the fields of fishing, aquaculture and the implementation of policies that guarantee the #sustainability of resources, the sharing of knowledge and technology and strategies to combat illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (INN). #fisheries #pesca #namibia #portugal

EU Namibia Business Forum

The first ever EU Namibia Business Forum is taking place in Brussels from 24-25 October 2023.

Namibia is ranked amongst the world’s most politically stable countries with world-leading wind & solar energy resources and its substantial deposits of rare earth and other minerals, and vast ocean biomass resources, Namibia is emerging as a prospective green hydrogen hub and front-runner in the global market for GH2, as well as a resilient, stable, and reliable market for Critical Raw Materials.



Green hydrogen projects have different economic structures and requires a more intricate and dynamic approach. You will agree that all countries have the required resource: the sun, wind and land. Some are better than others, but the difference between Namibia, Mauretania, Australia and Chile, for example, are small. This means large hydrogen projects can be built in many countries around the world. As there is limited capacity globally to build these projects, there is a global race for projects to be first to market. Given the size of the green hydrogen opportunity, various governments in wealthier nations have in fact resorted to providing billions of US dollars in subsidies and tax credits to make those countries more attractive to developers in order to attract investment.

Namibia Trade Network 2022/23

The Namibia Trade Network is a Multi-Platform media network of Namibian businesses, business professionals and trade-related information to promote and encourage local and foreign investment. Namibia Trade Network has been at the forefront of the Namibian Government’s information campaign to market Namibia and its products to the potential investors and is the pillar of information dissemination to the private-sector. The Annual publication is a review of Namibian Trade & Industry featuring the local economy, the Namibian Government, Private and Professional Organisations, Diplomatic Missions, Parastatals and Local Authorities.

Monica Geingos

Namibia’s first lady share her thoughts about the African continent, a rich and diverse one and above all a story of hope – Women and Business in Africa

Opportunities in the Namibia Mining Sector

Namibia is rich in minerals, including diamonds, gold, zinc, copper, and uranium. The mining sector in Namibia has the potential for significant growth, and investment opportunities exist in a variety of areas.

Namibia’s mining sector is ranked among the top 10 in Africa for investment attractiveness by the Fraser Institute Annual Survey of Mining Companies in 2021. The mining industry is a significant contributor to the country’s economy, with minerals such as diamonds, gold, lead, zinc, tin, lithium, and uranium being mined. In 2021, the mining sector accounted for approximately 9.1% of Namibia’s gross domestic product (GDP), and is the second-largest sector in terms of foreign exchange earnings.

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Portugal Diplomatic Corps New Year’s greetings

The President of the Republic received New Year’s greetings from the Diplomatic Corps accredited in Portugal at the Palácio Nacional da Ajuda.

The ceremony began with the Apostolic Nuncio, D. Ivo Scapolo, Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, taking the floor, which was followed by the intervention of President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

After the interventions, the greetings session took place.

Mr Ambassador Albertus Aochamub, Namibia Ambassador to Portugal.

$10 billion green hydrogen project in Namibia.

With major oil and gas discoveries in early 2022, Namibia is the most recent trailblazer among Africa’s frontier energy hotspots, as displayed by the Invest in Namibia Country Spotlight organized at African Energy Week 2022 in Cape Town last October.

“Why Namibia? When it comes to cost-effective green hydrogen, the curve is much steeper than the gas sector,” noted Jonathan Metcalfe, Business Case Development Manager for Hyphen. “As a result, we need to focus on the quality of the resource and bankability of the project. This project is a combination of a high quality resource in a very stable country, with high investability. Namibia is one of the world’s lowest cost producers. This means a much lower deployment of resources compared to normal hydrogen or energy developments.

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