Air Namibia considers to evacuate stranded EU citizens from Namibia and Namibian citizens in Europe

Dear Namibian citizens now in Portugal
Air Namibia considers to evacuate stranded EU citizens from Namibia and Namibian citizens in Europe, collecting only from Frankfurt and London.
Tentative date for operation to Frankfurt is 27 May.
On the return flight Air Namibia would take Namibian nationals (and other citizens with Permanent Residency in Namibia) along if there are enough passengers.
The flight will be at own cost to the passengers. Government will only facilitate request for overflight and landing clearances. 
If you are a Namibian citizen or a  Namibia Permanent Residence holder that seek to return to Namibia via Frankfurt, you are eligeable.
Please provide to the Honorary Consulate the following information:
1. Full name and surname 
2. Nationality and passport
3. Current location and physical address
4. Email and mobile number 
5. Address in Namibia
The prize of a ticket will depend on the number of passengers.
In order to secure the seat, passenger should effect payment directly with Air Namibia.
Tickets will only be issued once payment reflects in the respective Air Namibia bank account.
Prospective passengers should send an email to and Juanita.Klassen@airnamibia.aerocontaining containing the following:
1. Proof ofPayment
2. Reference Number ( name of country to be repatriated from)
3. Full Name and Surname
4. Bank utilised to make payment
Please do note that the 14days quarantine upon arrival regulation still stands.


Under the powers vested in me by Sub-Article (5) of Article 26 of the Namibian Constitution, I, subsequent to having declared by Proclamation No. 7 of 18 March of 2020 that a State of Emergency exists in the whole of Namibia following a worldwide outbreak of the disease known as Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), make the regulations set out in the Schedule.

Given under my Hand and the Seal of the Republic of Namibia at Windhoek, this 28th day of March, Two Thousand and Twenty.




Germany returning Stone Cross artifact to Namibia

Berlin museum said it is returning the Stone Cross of Cape Cross, a key cultural artifact, to Namibia. The cross, placed on Namibia’s coast by Portuguese explorers in 1486, is a symbol of the country’s colonial past.

The German Historical Museum in Berlin announced that it is returning to Namibia a 15th century artifact known as the Stone Cross of Cape Cross. The country has called for the object’s return since June 2017.

The artifact was originally erected by explorer Diogo Cao in 1486 on the coastline of present-day Namibia to signify Portuguese territorial claims, as well as serve as a navigational marker.  The 1.1 ton, 3.5-meter (11-foot) Stone Cross is emblazoned with the Portuguese coat of arms as well as inscriptions in Portuguese and Latin. Its presence, alongside other such crosses, was so significant as maps at the time. The crosse also gave the coast’s present-day name: Cape Cross.

The restitution planned for August, is a “clear signal that we want words to be followed by deeds.” said Monika Grütters, Germany’s State Secretary for Culture and Media.